About WSE

We realized all our various projects and formal companies would be better served by bringing certain processes together in the same place. Thus WindSail Enterprises, Corp. (formerly Moyer Enterprises, Inc.) was born in 2010 to serve as the general oversight, planning, and think tank for our overall portfolio. Our formal companies will retain their own incorporations and shall be wholly or majority owned organizations of WindSail Enterprises, Corp. In addition, WSE will serve as a holdings and incubator (launch pad if you will) company for our interests and allow us to consolidate our executive leadership team's time to be more focused rather than a lot of people running around working on different things. This process is now mostly complete and we are venturing forward.

Our company's history begins in the year 1996. Our founder's first company was birthed in 1996 while he was still in high school. It was a computer hardware sales company. It was mostly just a hobby, so that he and friends could gain access to wholesale parts. The company was started with zero startup capital, he acquired a bank account with his parents co-signing, and got a state sales/vendor license through the county. As time went on most "established" retail stores could not match his prices as he could cut out a lot of overhead. In fact he found out in time, his supply network were literally the same chain vendors many of the big chains were using. Naturally he couldn't get their volume breaks, but with minimal overhead his custom brand of computers and accessories (United Systems Base and USB Technology) were a big hit. One of his close friend's got involved and it continued to grow. In time he realized that while the service rate was low on this custom brand, warrenty obligations were still his and the two man team in a worse case scenarios would not be able to keep up with the load. They began to transition becoming certified resellers for top brands such as IBM, Toshiba, and HP. This poised the company to become attractive to the corporate world and it continued to grow. One feather in his cap was the installation of many laptops in police cruisers for the first time in history all around the area. We jump ahead to the year 2000 when the founder received an attractive offer to sell the company. Finally the decision was made and the revenue from the sale was used towards taking Beyond Web (founded 1998) from more than a side-hobby to a full-time venture.

Our founder's dream was becoming a reality. Having worked for another regional ISP in leadership of their customer support dept., he was now in a position to make BWC become something of significance. In short order, A leap of faith, and some big dreams had been turned into a vibrant company that had earned the respect of its peers. Quickly drawing the attention of local business leaders, and ultimately receving several awards for his achivement. He proved that age nor size of a one's pocket book (or lack thereof), could stop him from achiving something AMAZING.

We believe Creativity and Innovation to be much more than simple "catch words", we believe they are a way of life. You will find our portfolio to be very abstract covering a lot of "seemingly" unrelated organizations. However, each part of the puzzle completes the other and each project and company bring to the table a piece of our overall vision for a better world, and better tomorrow. We also encourage environmentally conscience business practices, such as top quality energy managment systems in our buildings, to reduce overall power waste (like lights being on in a room with no people), and other practices such as recycling, and carbon offsetting.

Today it's becoming the "thing" to talk about being environmentally aware, but we've been doing many of these things for years because to us they just make sense. They aren't new discoveries, or the cool thing to be talking about to our shareholders at our annual business meeting. We value the world we live in and strive to bring cutting edge technology, personal enrichment, and internet technologies together into a productive, efficent, creative, and innovative family of companies. Beyond this business creativity, personal creativity and employee wellness are other important pieces to our overall vision.

WindSail Enterprises, Corp. is not your average company, we expect more of our people, and our people expect more of its leadership. Here's to success! Dream big, we do.



Matthew Moyer, President & CEO
Sharon Moyer, COO & CFO
Krista Moyer, Executive Assistant


Dedicated to the memory or Merle Moyer, and Ruth Smith who's help and inspiration have helped us journey down the road.