WSE Family of Companies and Projects

Below is a list of our formal companies and many of our current projects. Certain projects do to their development nature are not disclosed until their launch or transition into an operating unit.

WINDSAIL MEDIA, LLC - WSM is our latest addition to the WindSail family; conceived in fall of 2011, and formally launched in January 2012. As a young division it will expand and grow over time. The initial mission of this business unit is to sponsor, and provide production resources to independent film makers. This is often referred to by the industry and credited in films under the title Executive Producer. The role signifies the financial and legal support provided to a film during the production and post-production processes. Executive Producers provide oversight and support to Directors and Producers making a film to help their visions become a reality. In other cases we will provide sponsorship support to a film project, where an established sctructure already exists and a project simply needs additional financial resources to complete the project. The long term goals will expand the mission of this unit to become a full fledged film production company.

WINDSAIL TRAVEL, LLC - WST is newer addition to the WindSail family; formally launched in July 2010, as a full service travel agency. Like many of our endevours WindSail Travel started as an idea that was rolled around for more than a year. Many months of research, planning, and training went into ensuring the launching of this subsidiary would be a success, relevant to our customers, trained, and properly licensed. The travel industry like many other fields in ever changing, and continued education of our agents and support staff will always be a high priority. We want to ensure our clients receive the best service, and advise to make their vacations/holidays remarkable, within their budgets, and create positive memories for a lifetime. WindSail Travel is licensed to sell travel in all U.S. States and territories thru our host networks.

BEYOND WEB CREATIONS, LLC - BWC originally started as an internet access provider in 1998, it quickly migrated into a full internet services provider within the following year. By 2001, it moved from being a one man operation into a fast growing web hosting and development company. At this time is also transitioned from being a reseller to an owner / operator of its own equipment and facilities. BWC's main office and primary datacenter are located in Cleveland, Ohio, while a second datacenter is operated in Dallas, TX in cooperation with another organization.

LIGHT 'N BODY, LLC - LnB is a personal products company. Its array of offerings include many types of candles, as well as personal body products like body wash, moisturizing sprays, lotions, hand sanitizers, and more. It was formally founded in 2003 as a family side business, after the family having been involved in candle making for over 20 years. It's founded since 2003 have been found at many craft shows and fairs all over North east Ohio. Its products have even been featured in several retail stores. Light 'N Body will be more formally organized and regionally launched by 2011.

BEYOND WEB RADIO - BWR was originally launched as a internet radio station by Beyond Web Creations in 2004 called BWC Radio. It saw much success by due to unreasonable laws being passed on licensing and royalties, making it even more expesive to operate than a traditional terrestrail radio station is was shut down in 2007. Now that the licensing, reporting, and royality processes are more feasible and realistic; It was rebranded and operated periodically during 2009, and fully brought back online in Spring 2010.


SUN NEWS DELIVERY - We were an official Sun Newspapers Delivery Contract firm through December 31, 2011. We delivered Sun Newspapers' weekly edition portfolio of papers to businesses and vending locations in many south east Cleveland locations. Including: Bainbridge, Beachwood, Bentleyville, Chagrin Falls, Chester (West G), Hunting Valley, Moreland Hills, Orange, Pepper Pike, Russell. Solon, and Woodmere. In 2010 we switched service areas, during the previous 6 years we delivered thousands of papers on a weekly basis to youth carriers, businesses, and vending locations throughout the Boston Heights, Macedonia, Northfield Village, Northfield Cntr Twp, Sagamore Hills, and Twinsburg areas. We did not provide direct to home delivery, that delivery is now handled directly by The Plain Dealer (formerly by the individual carriers). We provided delivery to business locations to be sold, or special accounts such as government and school locations.


More to be added as it is realistic to publicize.